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MSI Afterburner 3.0.0 Beta 10

Started by anonymous, 25 May 2013, 19:36:09

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Change list:

  • Improved hardware monitoring module architecture with better extendibility

  • Added temperature limit, power limit, voltage limit and maximum overvoltage limit graphs to hardware monitoring module for release 320 and newer NVIDIA driver. The graphs help you to understand the reasons of realtime performance limitations (e.g. reaching power target) on GPU Boost compatible graphics cards

  • Added framebuffer, video engine and bus controller usage graphs for NVIDIA graphics cards to hardware monitoring module

  • Added generic NVAPI videomemory usage monitoring for NVIDIA graphics cards unattached to Windows desktop (e.g. dedicated PhysX accelerators)

  • Updated power reporting for release 320 and newer NVIDIA drivers. Now MSI Afterburner reports normalized total power according to NVIDIA recommendations

  • Added core voltage control for reference design NVIDIA GeForce GTX 7x0 series graphics cards

  • Added core voltage control for reference design AMD RADEON 7990 graphics cards with VT1556 voltage regulators

  • Build number is now displayed in "i" window and in application tray icon tooltip

  • Localizable installer files for third party translators are now included in distributive in .\SDK\Localization\Installer folder

  • Now RivaTuner Statistics Server installer is being started by MSI Afterburner installer to make installation process easier for beginners. The server distributive is being copied to .\Redist\RTSSSetup.exe during MSI Afterburner installation, so you may always install it later if necessary

  • RivaTuner Statistics Server has been upgraded to version 5.1.2

  • Added new Dragoon Skins

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